Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mountain of debt vs. Vibrant Economy Video

The spending debate in Washington “is about more than just numbers and politics,” says GOP Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA). “It’s about the kind of future we want for our children and grandchildren. Do we want to hand them a mountain of debt and all the worries that go with it,” she asks. “Or do we want them to inherit a vibrant economy and a future full of opportunity?”
  • Spending is the problem: “Instead of campaigning for higher taxes,” said Chair McMorris Rodgers, “the president should lead an effort to begin addressing our nation’s spending problem.”
  • It’s time to tackle spending. Period: We don’t need more tax hikes, Speaker Boehner told CBS News – “the federal government will have more revenue this year than any year in our history. It’s time to tackle spending. Period.”
  • Americans say cut more, not less: Americans believe the president’s sequester is bad policy, but “53 percent prefer that Congress move ahead with the current sequester cuts or a plan that contains even more cuts.”
  • Fixing the tax code to grow our economy: Speaker Boehner told Meet the Press that tax reform should be about “closing loopholes, bringing the rates down for all Americans, making the tax code fairer” to grow our economy.
  • Tax reform will be H.R. 1: “Should tax reform focus more on funding government or on creating jobs?” asked Speaker Boehner. “I’m for more jobs.”
  • No reason to delay Keystone XL: The State Department issued another report that found no reason to keep delaying the Keystone XL energy pipeline. “It is time for President Obama to stand up for middle-class jobs and energy security and approve the Keystone pipeline,” said Speaker Boehner.  

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