Thursday, March 14, 2013

Michelle Obama Told 'Vogue' What Unusual Clothing Item The President Brags About

Michelle Obama is on the cover of this month's Vogue.
michelle obama vogue
In her interview with Jonathan Van Meter, the First Lady revealed an endearing anecdote about her husband's challenged sense of style.
President Barack Obama told Van Meter that before he took office, he only had two suits. He now has dozens.
That's when Michelle Obama interjected:
"'Now, let me tell you: This is the man who still boasts about, This khaki pair of pants I’ve had since I was 20.' The president throws his head back, laughing. 'And I’m like, you don’t want to brag about that.’ Jay Carney and the young staffers from the White House press office, who are all sitting on a sofa on the other side of the room, crack up."
The Obamas also discussed how they still feel like a normal family despite living in the White House.
You can read the full cover story here >
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