Friday, March 22, 2013

Breaking Developments:Obama in the Mideast and What It Means To America and Israel

Dear Friend and Follower,
I am prompted to write to you this afternoon as I feel it necessary to impart information to you that of critical importance.

Yesterday, it was not clear to those of us in the foreign policy sector the purpose of Obama's trip to Israel. In fact, it has been deemed the "Charm Diplomacy Tour" indicating little substance to the visit. It may well be that President Obama had no clear agenda with regard to foreign policy - he has demonstrated a lack of clarity and direction with regard to foreign policy many times over.
However, I believe that the administration, and the world, had an eye opening jilt today with President Obama's visit to Jordan.
Having had the opportunity myself to spend time in Jordan, and study the history of Jordan, I will tell you that the Palestinian "situation" has been a thorn in the side of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for a long time. From September 1970 until July 1971 there was a bitter conflict between the Palestinians of Arafat's PLO and the Jordanian Armed Forces of King Hussein. The Palestinians have yearned to rule Jordan and replace the Hashemite Kingdom leadership since the establishment of Israel in 1948 (this is the very abbreviated version for purposes of this brief update).
In my opinion, I would highly recommend to King Abdullah, and his family, to pack their bags and get ready to flee. This is the defining hour for the Hashemite Kingdom. Although, Abdullah's dad, King Hussein, fought off the Palestinian rule, this is a more wide-spread crisis with an existential nuclear threat looming - very different scenario.
Understand this:
Even I had to look at the map, above, a few times today to bring clarity to the crisis. More than 400,000 Syrian refugees, many al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood followers, are in refugee camps in Jordan - disrupting the balance of population in the Hashemite Kingdom.
Moreover, the United States has 150 American soldiers in Jordan and will probably place those armed soldiers on the border of Syria and Jordan to prevent further destabilization of Jordan.
Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood leadership of Turkey, with Prime Minister Erdogan, Obama's close confidant, is reaching out today in conversations with Israel.
Why? Look at the borders.
Turkey is also being flooded with refugees.
Who Was President Obama Messaging to While In the Mideast?
Yesterday, Obama addressed a young Israeli audience of 2,000 students in Jerusalem - very comfortable crowd for Obama.
He began by reassuring Israelis that they have the full support of the United States. Obama then went on to speak abut the need for establishing a state of Palestine with viable borders, so that ISRAEL COULD ACHIEVE PIECE. The audience applauded.
Throughout, he mentioned that Israel must take "risks."
Abbas and Fatah loved the speech as well.
Hezbollah not so happy as Obama addressed them as a terrorist entity, along with Lebanon, the first night in Jerusalem.
Somebody shake Obama and explain to him that Israel has taken risks, and is taking risk and IS AT RISK of annihilation.
It is very likely that the Obama administration had a wake up call.
At this moment, the Mideast region is explosive - every few hours new information emerging on the possible current use of chemical and biological weapons being unleashed on opposition Syrian forces - and Israel has every reason to be rattled by this development.
What does this mean to Americans?
For one thing, Israel is not just our "closest" ally, but they are strategically important to our interests in the region.
The word ally takes on tremendous meaning if we could not have access to the regions natural resources...
On the eve of the Passover holidays, I shutter to think of what is might be like to sit at a Seder table in Israel year after year and not know if you will know if your nation will survive another year.
Perhaps, that is why Bibi Netanyahu had no other choice but to meet President Obama as if they were old high school chums. I would hug my detractor as well if I thought it would save my country and my people.
The United States must be in concert with the Israelis on the immediate action to be taken in light of the current threat.
For those of you who remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, I want you to know that I feel exactly the same as I did when I was a young girl watching President Kennedy ward off nuclear bombs into Cuba.
In 1962, I was ducking under the desk in my elementary school in anticipation of a nuclear bombs falling on NYC. I now know that no one can duck under a desk to protect themselves - not the Israelis nor an American citizen in the trajectory of a chemical/biological or nuclear weapon originating from Iranian missiles being launched from Venezuela.
To that end....I encourage you to listen to a the first, and only, AM radio show in the nation dedicated to domestic and foreign policy/national security matters. I am proud to be part of the effort and look at it as opportunity to expand my voice and impact facts with intelligence and clarity.
This Sunday, we have two experts in the field of American-Israel relations and Counter-terrorism and global security - David Goder and Clare Lopez. Isn't is going to be an informative show.
Remember, be informed, be empowered and take action.
Thank you,
Shabbat Shalom and Happy Weekend,
Lisa E. Benson 

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