Thursday, January 24, 2013

When working for Uncle Sam pays better? When you are less educated

Who makes more money: A federal employee – or someone with a similar position working in the private sector? The federal government pays less educated workers more, on average, than similarly qualified workers in the private sector. More educated workers make less.

It depends on the education level of the employee – and workers at one end of the education spectrum do far better when federally employed. Can you guess which end?
We take a look at federal vs. private sector pay today at Face the Facts USAThe latest figures show the federal government pays its workers 2 percent more, on average, than workers in the private sector. But comparing education levels tells the full story.
Turns out workers with a high school diploma or less do far better with Uncle Sam, earning 21 percent higher pay than counterparts in the private sector. Factor in benefits, and the total compensation package is 36 percent higher.
It’s a different story, though, for workers with professional or doctorate degrees. The private sector pays them 23 percent more than the federal government. Consider the value of benefits and the private sector still pays these educated workers more – by 18 percent. 
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