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Casey Anthony, a name that will live in tragic infamy; a woman who I still believe got away with the horrid murder of her child in order to have her own “Bella Vita” was semi-profiled in a recent Lifetime Movie.  
The book it was based on, which have ingested twice, is a stunning portrait of the reality the jury seemed to have missed.  I am of course speaking about former Prosecutor Jeff Ashton’s PROSECUTING CASEY ANTHONY.  In his book as in his movie, he portrays his eye view of the case’s evolution and shows a reality I don’t believe we saw even while watching it from the comfort of our own homes or computers.  One thing that I was not greatly surprised with but saw as a big highlight of the case was defense attorney Jose Baez’s consistent and at times ill-conceived motions that seemed to even upset the judge at times.  
Returning the movie, it was to me not as different as the text and gave the situation a more humanistic perspective not to mention I believe showed the characters as who they really were.  Baez either attempted or full on used every trick in the book to protect Casey, from calling the prosecution’s experts “hired” when questioning them to attacking her father of his media interviews when he himself was also taking every interview he was offered.      
THE EVIDENCE ALSO WAS HIGHLIGHTED in the movie as it is in the book.  From the cadaver dogs to the smell of a decomposing body from a carpet that even pushed back a man who had smelled the same stench for years, the evolution of the story brought you back both to the time of the case as well as to the same emotions.  When examining the case itself while watching the program, you cannot help but be sick. Even the actor that portrayed the defense team made me feel ill.  I was near tears when I watched the scene of Caylee’s tiny bones laid neatly on an exam table and almost wanted to scream when they discussed the bite marks on her hip. 
To me, the movie was incredibly well crafted and was a great highlight not only of the injustice that occurred but also for the “comeback kid” Rob Lowe; his emotion within the case was definitely deep and felt by at least this viewer and I am sure many more.
Now that we can close the book on the movie, as someone who actually started to be interested in criminal law thanks to this case, I have many thoughts regarding this situation that I want to conclude this article discussing:
A.) “She was a good mother”
What disturbs me as a whole regarding this case was how much the aspect of “Casey is a good mother” was discussed. When interviewed, many mothers who murder their children were called good mothers from Susan Smith to Andrea Yates, this did not remove their crimes.  To be even more honest, I found myself silently praying when the jury came with their decision.  While knowing what the words were going to be, I felt my soul whisper a silent prayer that the conclusion would be different. 
B.) Cadavar Dogs
Okay, let’s admit it: People lie. However, dogs are like computers: they only do what they are programmed to do. If you train a dog to catch a certain smell, from heroin to a decomposing body, he will not know how to “lie” that he smelled it because he only knows that smell. Not only were their canine catches of the smell at the trunk of the car but also the backyard of the Anthony home. So far nobody has been able to explain that and to me they seem to have ignored it.If Casey’s most recent and Baez’s story is correct, why would a cop (who by the way probably knows what to do and what not to do when you hide a body) wrap up his own grandchild and then drive her 15 doors down to place her in a swamp to become first animal food and then a scattered skeleton?  No explanation yet, and their probably never will be.
C.) The infamous video diary
After all the smoke cleared, Baez was a top name in defense law and what is more surprising even became member of a forensic science organization after literally attempting to laugh it out of court, and Ashton began a run for Orange-Osceola Florida State Attorney but before anyone could really move on..Casey returned.
Through an allegedly illegally released video diary a now blonde, short haired Casey discussed everything but her child to a new laptop webcam (something she eerily calls the first thing that has ever been “finally” hers). 
What nobody has caught (surprisingly) is not only the fact that it occurred while we and the players were beginning to move on, but at the same time that Ashton first announced his run.  It is very surprised nobody else noticed that timing. To me, I believe it was a still angry former defendant wanting the last word if only at the last second to remind the press both of her and how she reflects Ashton’s largest loss.  Of course, this is my opinion but I believe it makes pretty good sense especially knowing what we know about Miss Anthony.
As said before, I watched the movie praying for another ending….however even if we received it, Caylee Anthony is still never to grace her loving presence on this earth.  She will now have her own “Bella Vita” with God and in heaven..that is the only justice we can or will ever see her in this case.
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