Saturday, December 15, 2012

U.S. will send 400 troops with Patriot systems to Turkey-Syria border

A total of six Patriot missile batteries will be sent to Turkey -- two from the United States, two from Germany and two from the Netherlands, the New York Times reported. All six batteries will be under NATO's command, the newspaper said, and all six are scheduled to be operational by the end of January.

US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta paid a surprise visit to US troops at Nato's Incirlik Air Base in Adana, Turkey, and authorized the dispatch of two Patriot anti-missile system batteries to Turkey, to be deployed on Turkey's border with Syria. In addition, 400 U.S. soldiers will be sent to Turkey's border with Syria to operate the Patriot systems. Germany and the Netherlands have also authorized their own Patriot systems to be deployed to Turkey, with supporting troops. The U.S. now has ground troops in Jordan and Turkey on Syria's border, as well as an aircraft carrier fleet in the Mediterranean near Syria's coast. Zaman (Istanbul)
Russia supplies Syria with supersonic Iskander missiles to counter Patriots
Russia has sent to Syria a shipment of Iskander ground to ground missiles, which travel at hypersonic speed of over 1.3 miles per second (Mach 6-7), and which can't be traced or destroyed by the Patriot system. This is considered a "game changer," and is forcing a re-evaluation of the entire American and Nato strategy toward Syria and the Mideast. Pravda (Moscow) and Debka

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