Friday, December 28, 2012

Brits Petition Government: We Don’t Want Piers Morgan Back

PIERS MORGAN NOT WANTED IN USA OR UK..."Morgan was hired by CNN as a prime time host despite the fact that he was fired from his editorial position at the Daily Mirror for publishing a fake" Time to BOYCOTT the sponsors, hit the fascists where they feel it the most.  [h/t LA]

Apparently Brits don't want CNN host Piers Morgan to be allowed back
in the U.K. if he is deported from the U.S. Article link follows, below.

Furious over Morgan's use of his media position as a bully pulpit to
augur for "gun control," especially in the wake of the Sandy Hook
incident, U.S. gunowners and Liberty lovers initiated a petition at the
White House Web site to have Morgan deported. The argument is that
Morgan's assault on the Second Amendment is not protected free
speech because he is a British subject.

As of this morning the "deport Morgan" petition had over 75,000
signatures - well over the 25,000 threshold required by the White
House for a formal response.

In an "interview" with GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt, Morgan
was inconsiderate, disingenuous and insulting. Unable to win his
argument and seething with venom, he could only descend to name
calling: "You’re an unbelievably stupid man." Pratt righteously retorted,
t seems to me that you're morally obtuse."

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