Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Hampshire Shows How Easy Vote Fraud Can Be...
Is South Carolina Next?

I posted "Iowa Caucus Much Over Rated" the scam that the Iowa Caucus is and now we find New Hampshire is just as bad... On January 10th, Project Veritas reporters walked into New Hampshire Polling Locations during the Presidential Primaries, saying dead people's names. We stated the name of a dead person we got from the NH obituaries. The names of the deceased were both Registered Republican and Democrats And in almost every case, saying a dead person's name, we were handed a ballot to cast a vote. We used no misrepresentation and no false pretenses. in fact, in almost every case, we insisted we show ID and they insisted that we vote without showing ID. be###
True the Vote strongly supports enacting voter ID laws in order to prevent vote fraud. If anyone ever questions the need for such measures, consider what just happened in New Hampshire. A new investigative video by Project Veritas has shown just how easy it is to cast an illegal ballot in The Granite State, a state that requires no identification to vote.

Project Veritas, headed by filmographer James O'Keefe, sent its cameras to several primary polling places in New Hampshire armed with a list of deceased voters and asked primary poll workers for ballots using the names and addresses of those names on that list. Much to their surprise they were never once required to present an ID to prove who they were, nor were they even asked if they were, indeed, the person they claimed to be.

In fact, the poll workers weren’t worried at all if these videographers were who they said they were. When the Project Veritas team members asked if they needed to present ID to prove who they were, the poll workers told them it wasn't necessary, that they could just go ahead and vote using the false names.

"While our investigators cast no votes and returned the ballots," the PV team members report, "there was nothing stopping our team, or anyone else, from illegally influencing the outcome of a presidential primary."

Elsewhere, in South Carolina, the Department of Motor Vehicles is reporting that it has proof that dead voters in that state are somehow still voting. The DMV reported that at least 900 deceased voters had voted in recent elections.

State officials vowed to investigate, but if South Carolinians can’t trust the veracity of past election results how can they be sure of a true result in the upcoming primary?

These shocking examples in NH and SC are precisely why True The Vote is training and supporting citizens to get involved in their election processes. All it takes is a small, organized force -- especially in those local elections that often see low voter turn out -- and an election can be illicitly rigged toward a particular result by people misrepresenting who they are at the polls.

Make no mistake -- if citizens don't demand that the integrity of our elections be upheld, we will continue to have episodes like what we just saw in New Hampshire. It's got to stop. Get involved. True the Vote.

(an unedited version can be seen here)

If our elections are not truly fair, we are not truly free.

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