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Comprehensive facts about Newt John Ziegler


There are several layers to this argument with regard to Newt, so we will deal with them in order of how obvious they are.
First off, Newt Gingrich is a fat, old, angry, white male named Newt who is perceived (wrongly) as a far right conservative. Right there he is nearly unelectable, but since Obama is so vulnerable (though not nearly as much a many grassroots conservatives believe) if that was the extent of his baggage he could still pull off a victory.
Unfortunately, this is not nearly the case.
The second layer is equally obvious but seems to have been forgotten by many conservatives. Gingrich was forced to resign as Speaker of the House when it was revealed that he was cheating on his second wife (with his third) while leading the charge to impeach President Clinton for lying about a sexual affair.
While Gingrich rightly counters that Clinton was impeached for acts that had nothing to do with cheating on his wife, as this CBS news article points out, that is a distinction the media will have no interest in giving credibility, and which will be beyond the intellectual grasp of most independent voters who decide presidential elections. For many nonpartisan voters, this issue alone will be “game, set, match” for Obama.
This combined with the fact that Newt is now on his third wife will give the media and the comedians more than enough fodder to turn Newt into a complete joke. The fact that his third wife has a bad case of “crazy eyes,” talks like a Stepford wife, and controls him to the point where he had a huge line of credit to Tiffany’s (a story which also has a damaging lobbying element to it) already has the same lefty comedians who destroyed Palin practicing for Newt. (Note the reference in that comedy bit to his fake Twitter follower “scandal,” which will also help cement the “this guy is a joke” narrative.)
Callista may be a great person for all I know, and if Newt was a Democrat none of these things would fair game for the media, but, sadly, this is not the case and the reality is that she would be a significant liability.
At Citizens United productions (run by Gingrich sycophant Dave Bossie, who was fired by Republicans on the Whitewater investigation for manipulating tapes to make the Clintons look bad) it was well known when I worked for them that Callista Gingrich was a complete nut who controlled Newt to the point where she forced him to put her in his movies despite the fact that she was horrible on camera. (Interestingly, Newt’s tendency to switch positions based on who is paying him is illustrated through his evolving stance on the issues related to the much misunderstood and largely bogus Citizens United Supreme Court case.)
Then, of course, there is the issue of his first two wives. Yes, the story of him serving his second wife divorce papers on her death bed is a myth but as we have learned from the assassination of Palin, media created myths still have lots of power to destroy a candidacy.
But the media won’t even need to dredge up that old storyline because, unfortunately for Newt, his second wife is still very much alive and has been VERY outspoken about exactly why there is “no way” Newt will ever be president.
When you have ex-wives, they better at least still endorse you, especially when you are a Republican running against a media darling like Obama. Should Newt be nominated, the media will make sure that every American will know what his second wife thinks of him.
Which leads to one of the biggest problems Newt would have in a general election: the gender gap would be massive.
Newt would have more than three strikes against him with women. First, a majority of women already vote for Democrats on a good day and they still tend to like Obama personally. Second, at least one of his multiple ex-wives doesn’t think he should be president. Third, his appearance and demeanor obviously don’t exactly appeal to the majority of women.
But the capper to this issue, which most voters don’t seem to know or remember, is that he has made at least one statement (for which there is video) which will offend virtually every non Republican woman to the point where I can’t see how they would vote for him over Obama.
In 1995, he told a class he taught that he questioned whether women were fit for military combat because they get “infections” once a month. Once again, unlike the many statements Obama made in his career which could have haunted him in 2008, the news media will make sure that every voter is familiar with that baffling episode (which will also open the door to the narrative of Newt saying lots of crazy stuff, which we will further address later) .
Then there is the corruption issue. The best/worst example of the many problems Gingrich would have in this area comes in the realm of Freddie Mac.
You may recall that at one of the debates he called for Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to be put in jail for their role in the scandal that played a large role in the 2008 financial collapse. Then it was revealed that Newt himself was paid at least $1.6 million by Freddie Mac, which he laughably claimed, while initially allowing people to be significantly misled about the dollar figure, was for his services as a “historian. Even disgraced lobbyist/felon Jack Abramoff has called Gingrich’s role here scandalous.
Unbelievably, when Romney called him out on this, Gingrich inexplicably didn’t attempt to defend his actions (perhaps because he couldn’t), but instead he lashed out at Romney for engaging in actual capitalism. Both Brit Hume and Charles Krauthammer, each highly respected in conservative/moderate circles, took Newt to the woodshed on Fox News over Gingrich’s apparent knee-jerk leftist/socialist attack
Once again, while this story has gotten some play in the Republican primary, it will be talked about in a far more comprehensive manner in the general election when the really sharp knives come out. This is especially the case because it fits a pattern/narrative of corruption already set by Gingrich during the rest of his political career.
Not only did Gingrich resign from congress in disgrace, but his was also the first Speaker of the House to ever be “convicted” (overwhelmingly) of congressional ethic charges.
Nancy Pelosi has already threatened to reveal more of what she knows from that investigation, before seemingly backing off over confidentiality concerns. Regardless of what Pelosi does, there is already more enough in the public record for the media to use this investigation to completely discredit Gingrich.
For a preview of coming attractions, just watch MSNBC do a rather effective job of destroying him simply using old news clips. In the general election, this stuff wouldn’t just be on MSNBC, but on nearly every TV channel.
Yet another problem for Gingrich in a general election is that far too many conservatives or Republicans, both real and perceived, have made extremely negative statements about him both personally and professionally which will provide a treasure trove for numerous effective Obama campaign ads and news media stories (will there be much of a difference between the two?).
There is an unwritten rule of modern politics which (as proven by Joe Lieberman’s largely ignored support of John McCain) only really applies to Republicans which says that if too many prominent people from your side say you shouldn’t be elected, then you shouldn’t be elected. This rule was in full effect with regard to Sarah Palin and the many “conservative” sell outs who helped destroy her candidacy in exchange for some liberal media love.
It isn’t even 2012 yet and already there are more than enough commentators in this category with regard to Newt Gingrich. When you read these examples just imagine yourself as an Obama campaign consultant and try to keep from drooling.
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