Saturday, February 26, 2011

Boeing Airplane House....

What a creative idea! Joanne Ussary bought a used Boeing 727. It's located in Benoit Mississippi on a lake. Joanne's front door is at the top of the plane's step,
The stairs open with a garage door remote.
You don't need a TSA pat down, ticket or passport when you visit. A personal invitation from Joanne works just fine. There are three bedrooms, a living room, a modern kitchen, one of the bathrooms is still intact and there is a luxury bathroom. There is a personal Jacuzzi in the cockpit with the bathtub under the windows. Next to this is Joanne's bedroom - in the first class section of the plane. Then there's the living room with four emergency exit doors, which she opens on summer evenings. On the wall there's a photo of the plane flying for Continental Airlines from Florida to the Caribbean. There are also four toilets, all with No Smoking signs.
"The plane is 27 years old and it's the best home in the world," says Joanne. "It has all the things you want in home: a telephone, air conditioning, an oven, a washing machine even a dish washer. It's always very warm, even in winter, and it's very big, 42 meters long! My grandchildren love running up and down. And my friends love parties here - but there aren't any flight attendant to serve their drinks!"
"Next time," she says, "I want a Boeing 747, not a 727, because they have an upstairs and a downstairs, and I want to go upstairs to bed"
She paid $2,000.00 for the plane. It cost $4,000.00 to move and $24,000.00 to renovate. (She has a LOT of wood and specialty windows for $24,000! But not bad for a $30,000.00 investment... She already owned the lake front lot.


  1. those aren't the picture of the same is orange and over a clift the other is silver with an orange stripe.

  2. garbage- all lies.. mixed plan pics with hotel in costa rica.. Also, it would cost over 10 time sthe amount noted..

  3. Joanne
    Recvd by an aviation-lover friend of mine so thought I'd take a peek. Awesome are the words to describe your home. Wish I could find a boeing here in South Africa-we have some awesome locations to "park-our-home" on.
    Cape Town
    South Africa
    Shenandoah Guest Home

  4. Flying between 250 urban communities in very nearly 700 planes, American Airlines is overwhelming on courses between the US and Latin America, transporting over a million travelers consistently between these two gigantic markets.


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