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Trump Thunder In SC Debate Dominates Drudge Poll


Total Votes: 157,039

Republican Election Calendar by State

Election Calendar - Republicans
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13 February - Saturday, Republican debate, Greenville, S.C., Sponsor: CBS News
20 February - Saturday, South Carolina Republican primary (Democrats vote Feb. 27).
23 February - Tuesday, Nevada Republican caucuses (Democrats caucus Feb. 20).
25 February - Thursday, Republican debate, Houston, Sponsor: CNN, Telemundo, National


1 March - Tuesday, Alabama primary, Alaska Republican caucuses (Democrats caucus March 26)
                   Arkansas primary, Colorado caucuses, Georgia primary, Massachusetts primary,
                   Minnesota caucuses, Oklahoma primary, Tennessee primary, Texas primary, Vermont
                   primary, Virginia primary, Wyoming Republican caucuses (Democrats caucus April 9).
3 March - Thursday, Republican debate - Detroit, Sponsor: Fox News
5 March - Saturday, Kansas caucuses, Kentucky Republican caucuses (Democrat primary May
                  17), Louisiana primary, Maine Republican caucuses (Democrat caucus March 6).
6 March - Sunday, Puerto Rico Republican primary (Democrats caucus June 5).
8 March - Tuesday, Hawaii Republican caucuses (Democrats caucus March 26), Idaho Republican
                  primary (Democrats caucus March 22), Michigan primary, Mississippi primary
10 March - Thursday, Republican debate - Florida, Sponsors: CNN, Salem Radio
12 March - Saturday, U.S. Virgin Islands Republican caucuses (Democrats caucus June 4), District
                    of Columbia Republican convention (Democrats vote June 14), Guam Republican
                    convention (Democrats caucus May 7) .
15 March - Tuesday, Florida primary, Illinois primary, Missouri primary, North Carolina primary,
                    Northern Mariana Islands Republican caucuses (Democrats caucus March 12), Ohio
22 March - Tuesday, American Samoa Republican convention (Democrats caucus March 1).                              Arizona primary, Utah caucuses


1 - April - Friday, North Dakota Republican convention (Democrats caucus June 7).
5 April - Tuesday, Wisconsin primary,
19 April - Tuesday, New York primary
26 April - Tuesday, Connecticut primary, Delaware primary, Maryland primary, Pennsylvania
                  primary, Rhode Island primary


3 May - Tuesday, Indiana primary
10 May - Tuesday, Nebraska Republican primary (Democrats caucus March 5), West Virginia
17 May - Tuesday, Oregon primary
24 May - Tuesday, Washington state Republican primary (Democrats caucus March 26).


7 June - Tuesday, California primary, Montana primary, New Jersey primary, New Mexico
               primary, South Dakota primary


July 18-21 - Republican National Convention, Cleveland


26 September - Monday, Presidential debate, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio


4 October - Tuesday, Vice presidential debate, Longwood University, Farmville, Va.
9 October - Sunday, Presidential debate, Washington University in St. Louis
19 October - Wednesday, Presidential debate, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


8 November - Tuesday, Election Day

Friday, February 12, 2016

Obama 2017 Budget DOA and Why

President Obama has released his last budget proposal, which amounted to another a liberal wish list. 
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The big-spending, deficit-driving budget was rejected by Republican Study Committee members as “dead on arrival” and “not serious. Here’s what Obama’s budget does, by the numbers…
Sets a record for new spending. The $4.1 trillion proposal is the costliest Obama budget yet and the first $4 trillion budget in federal history. Congrats or something?
Increases taxes by $3.4 trillion. The Obama budget places a particularly heavy burden on small businesses and highest earners. Among his proposals is raising the top capital gains rate, already one of the highest in the world, to 28 percent.
Introduces a $10.25 per barrel oil tax. That’s even higher than previous estimates released last week. A report released by the non-partisan Congressional Research Service said the tax would likely be passed down to consumers, increasing the price of fuel and other goods and services that rely on it for transportation. The impact would hurt economic growth.
Gives another $1 billion to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). That’s a 4.7 percent increase in the agency’s funding. You might remember the IRS from such hits as targeting conservatives, channeling millions from taxpayer assistance into employee bonuses and admitting that hundreds of thousands of taxpayers had their information compromised in a data breach last year.
Adds $9.3 trillion to the national debt. The budget would increase our national debt to $27.4 trillion over the next decade – more than twice the debt when President Obama took office.
The White House is moving to eliminate the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAPP), as reported by The Washington Post. While it would save the U.S. Department of Justice a reported $210 million, any costs of housing these illegal immigrants would be passed on to local and county taxpayers.

John Kasich GOP Candidate Says: “God Bless” Illegal Aliens -Give Them Path to Legaliztion

John Kasich on Immigration

"We have to finish the wall ... We have to make sure ... we're going to make sure we can control it ... For the 11 and a half million who are here, if they have not violated the law since they've been here I'd give them a path to legalization."   — Live 5 News

From Breitbart:
Illegal immigrants are “a critical part of our society” and should be provided a route to amnesty, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich tells a coalition of Hispanic company executives.
“For those that are here that have been law abiding, God bless them,” he told the business group, which is a major advocate for expanded immigration.
“Then I think the [illegals] should have a path to legalization… I think that can pass,” Kasich said, using one of the euphemisms for granting legal residency to illegal immigrants.
The Ohio governor also claimed the illegal immigrants are skilled. The illegals “are a critical part of our society from doctors to engineers to lawyers– well, I don’t know if we need more of them [lawyers]– but we’ve got a lot of teachers, whatever,” he said.
Kasich also told the group that one of his top priorities is “expand[ing] the guest workers.”
Click here for 11 full quotes on Immigration OR other candidates on Immigration OR background on Immigration.
  • It's a silly argument to ship 11M illegals back to Mexico. (Nov 2015)
  • Focus of immigration should be to keep families together. (Sep 2015)
  • Latino immigrants will continue to play critical role in US. (Sep 2015)
  • Focus on border & guest workers, not birthright citizenship. (Sep 2015)
  • 1993: end birthright citizenship; 2015: not part of approach. (Aug 2015)
  • Seal the border with Mexico, support legal immigrants. (Jul 2015)
  • Open to pathway to citizenship, but doesn't like it. (Feb 2015)
  • Post-Sept-11 open-door melting-pot is essentially intact. (May 2006)
  • Limit the number of legal immigrants, and their benefits. (Nov 1996)
  • Voted YES on more immigrant visas for skilled workers. (Sep 1998)
  • Declared English the official language of the US. (Jan 1999)

Stephen Miller Senior Policy Adviser for GOP front-runner Donald Trump Audio

Protecting the nation’s manufacturing base is essential to national security, the senior policy adviser for GOP front-runner Donald Trump argued Friday on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally February 10, 2016 in Clemson, South Carolina.)
With the upcoming primary in South Carolina, Miller said that trade agreements have harmed the Palmetto State. “South Carolina is a state that has been really devastated by NAFTA and other trade policies,” Miller said. If you look at, for instance, the textile industry. It was once one of the great textile producing manufacturing bases in the whole world. Now there’s still textile production in South Carolina but so many factories were just destroyed, just decimated – entire ways of life destroyed by NAFTA and other trade policies. According to Miller, Trump is the only candidate in the GOP field who has explicitly and historically been pro-American manufacturing. He argued that Trump’s opposition to trade deals like the the Trans-Pacific Partnership for voters, and in particular South Carolinians, make him the best candidate to protect American jobs and companies. More HERE


Ted Cruz Supports Eminent Domain but, doesn't nasty ad about Donald Trump and eminent domain.

Eminent domain (United States, the Philippines), compulsory purchase (United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland), resumption (Hong Kong), resumption/compulsory acquisition (Australia), or expropriation (South Africa, Canada, Brazil) is the power of a state or a national government to take private property for public use. However, it can be legislatively delegated by the state to municipalities, government subdivisions, or even to private persons or corporations, when they are authorized to exercise the functions of public character.[1]

The property may be taken either for government use or by delegation to third parties, who will devote it to public or civic use or, in some cases, to economic development. The most common uses of property taken by eminent domain are for government buildings and other facilities, public utilities, highways, and railroads. However, it may also be taken for reasons of public safety, as in the case of Centralia, Pennsylvania. Some jurisdictions require that the condemnor make an offer to purchase the subject property, before resorting to the use of eminent domain.

The practice of condemnation was transplanted into the American colonies with the common law. In the early years, unimproved land could be taken without compensation; this practice was accepted because land was so abundant that it could be cheaply replaced. When it came time to draft the United States Constitution, differing views on eminent domain were voiced. Thomas Jefferson favored eliminating all remnants of feudalism, and pushed for allodial ownership.[4] James Madison, who wrote the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, had a more moderate view, and struck a compromise that sought to at least protect property rights somewhat by explicitly mandating compensation and using the term "public use" rather than "public purpose," "public interest", or "public benefit".[5]

The Fifth Amendment imposes limitations on the exercise of eminent domain: the taking must be for public use and just compensation must be paid. Some historians have suggested that these limitations on the taking power were inspired by the need to permit the army to secure mounts, fodder and provisions from local ranchers and the perceived need to assure them compensation for such takings. Similarly, soldiers forcibly sought housing in whatever homes were near their military assignments. To address the latter problem, the Third Amendment was enacted in 1791 as part of the US Constitution's Bill of Rights. It provided that the quartering of soldiers on private property could not take place in peacetime without the landowner's consent. It also required that, in wartime, established law had to be followed in housing troops on private property. Presumably, this would mandate "just compensation," a requirement for the exercise of eminent domain in general per the Fifth Amendment.[6] All U.S. states have legislation specifying eminent domain procedures within their respective territories.[7]

The power of governments to take private real or personal property has always existed in the United States, as an inherent attribute of sovereignty. This power reposes in the legislative branch of the government and may not be exercised unless the legislature has authorized its use by statutes that specify who may use it and for what purposes. The legislature may take private property by passing an Act transferring title to the government. The property owner may then seek compensation by suing in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. The legislature may also delegate the power to private entities like public utilities or railroads, and even to individuals for the purpose of acquiring access to their landlocked land. Its use was limited by the Takings Clause in the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1791, which reads, "... nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation." The Fifth Amendment did not create the national government's right to use the eminent domain power, it simply limited it to public use.

Arizona Rep. Cardenas' HB 2009 passes committee

Ted Cruz Using Spyware App To Identify Friends and Phone Contacts of Cruz Supporters…

Ted Cruz Launches Internet Data-Mining “Stazi” APP To Identify Friends and Phone Contacts of Cruz Supporters…
And  you thought only President Obama was a risk to your privacy !
Cross Posted Conservative Treehouse
If you begin to receive weird phone text messages, Facebook contacts and weird emails from the Cruz campaign, it’s probably because one of your “friends” is a Ted Cruz supporter – and he or she has you in their contact list.
ted cruz largeAn alarming article from the Associated Press explains how Ted Cruz has moved his campaign from direct cyber contact to data-mining and spyware within the contacts on phones and social media of Ted Cruz supporters.
According to the Associated Press outline the Cruz campaign has launched an app which targets the “friends” list of Facebook supporters of Ted Cruz, and extracts their information for use:
[…]  The Cruz app prompts supporters to register using their Facebook logins, giving the campaign access to personal information such as name, age range, gender, location and photograph, plus lists of friends and relatives. Those without a Facebook account must either provide an email address or phone number to use the app. (link)
But the Cruz campaign doesn’t limit themselves to just social media.  According to the media report the campaign is also retrieving, extracting and targeting those names and phone numbers within the supporters cell phone:
[…]  The Cruz app separately urges users to let it download their phone contacts, giving the campaign a trove of phone numbers and personal email addresses. The campaign says that by using its app, “You hereby give your express consent to access your contact list.”
[…]  Cruz’s app also transmits to the campaign each user’s physical location whenever the app is active, unless a user declines to allow it. The campaign said it does this “so that we can connect you to other Cruz Crew users based on your particular geographic location.”
In essence if you have a family member, friend or colleague, who is supporting Ted Cruz, the campaign now has access to your personal information for campaign targeting.
This is a remarkable level of intrusion of personal and private information coming from a presidential candidate who purports to be an advocate constitutional privacy and limits on the data-mining of intrusive government.   A particular hypocrisy not lost on the Associated Press:
[…]  Protecting the privacy of law-abiding citizens from the government is a pillar of Ted Cruz’s Republican presidential candidacy, but his campaign is testing the limits of siphoning personal data from supporters.
His “Cruz Crew” mobile app is designed to gather detailed information from its users’ phones — tracking their physical movements and mining the names and contact information for friends who might want nothing to do with his campaign.  (read more)
So now when you begin receiving unsolicited demands for campaign contributions, at least you’ll know where they are coming from.
It would appear the only way to safely insure you are not part of the Stazi-esque spy campaign would be to ask your friends if they support Ted Cruz and immediately delete them from your contact lists.  Well, if it’s not too late that is….



- FEBRUARY 10, 2016 -
(New York, NY) February 10th, 2016 - Bill Stern of Columbia, S.C. has endorsed Donald Trump and has been announced Chairman of the Southeast Business Coalition on the Trump for President campaign. 

One of the South’s most respected business leaders, Bill Stern is President and CEO of Stern & Stern, a commercial real estate development company that owns and manages real estate throughout the United States. 

Mr. Trump said,”I am delighted Bill Stern has accepted a leadership role in my campaign. He is a successful real estate developer and for eight years he served as Chair of the South Carolina Ports Authority, which is one of the most important commercial ports in the world. I look forward to working closely with Bill --- with his support we will Make American Great Again.” 

Mr. Stern stated, ”Throughout American history, we've had great Presidents who were lawyers, politicians and military leaders. I believe the complex global challenges of our time call for a President with a background in business, a record of success in creating jobs and the strong leadership skills it will take to Make America Great Again. That's why I'm supporting Donald Trump. He's a world class business leader who I believe will make a world class President of the United States." 

Stern has served as Chair of the South Carolina Ports Authority for eight years and has recently been named the first Chairman Emeritus in the port's history. During his period of leadership, South Carolina's port was ranked as the fastest growing in the nation and now ranks number one in container volume growth. 

Bill Stern has also served in leadership roles in political campaigns at the national, state and local levels. He served on the George W. Bush for President State Finance Committee, and he was State Finance Chair of the John McCain for President campaign. Other leadership roles include: State Finance Chair, Lindsey Graham for U.S. Senate, Co-Chair, Lindsey Graham for President; and State Finance Chair for Henry McMaster for Lt. Governor, Alan Wilson for Attorney General, and many other state and local political campaigns.

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Ted Cruz Welcomes Refugees-Calls For Strengthing Background Checks on Guns VIDEO

Supports raising caps on legal immigration to 1.3 million-supports birthtight citizenship

WATCH VIDEO  Published on Jan 18, 2016 Who really is Ted Cruz?