Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Former Arizona Senator Russell Pearce 'Champion of the taxpayer' makes $233k

Roberts: How can Russell Pearce get by on a mere $233,000 a year?
, The Republic |
Last week, I wrote that Russell Pearce was working on a sweet triple dip. I was wrong.
Pearce isn’t working on a triple dip. He’s already enjoying three taxpayer-supported pensions.
This, in addition to last week’s $70,000 raise added to his $85,000 annual salary from the Maricopa County Treasurer’s Office.
Pearce was promoted to the No. 2 job in the Treasurer’s Office last week, and I surmised that the raise would provide a nice boost to his eventual pension in the Arizona State Retirement System.
Turns out he’s already “retired” from government service. Since 2012, he’s been collecting an ASRS pension. David Cannella, spokesman for ASRS, told me on Tuesday that Pearce is collecting $12,444 a year as a result of 8.35 years of state employment in the 1990s, capped by his firing from the Motor Vehicle Division in 1999.

'Champion of the taxpayer' makes $233k

That doesn’t count the $53,937 a year he draws from the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System for his 21 years at the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.
Or the $10,446 pension from the Elected Officials' Retirement Plan for his gigs as a justice of the peace and state legislator, capped by his recall from office in 2011.
Cannella said Pearce could have suspended his ASRS pension and rejoined the retirement system when he was hired by the county in 2014. I’m guessing the fact that he would have had to kick in 11.48 percent of his salary to ASRS may have something to do with his decision not to un-retire. That’s $18,000 a year.
That might turn out to be a mistake, though. ASRS pensions are based upon the average of your final three years of employment. In Pearce’s case, a $70,000 raise would provide a tasty boost to his pension.
Instead, he’s apparently decided to settle for his $157,000 job plus $76,827 from the three government pension plans.
In all, he's collecting $233,827.
Not too terribly bad for a guy who used to call himself a champion of the taxpayer.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

BE PREPARED by Michael Connelly

As an Eagle Scout, the father of four Eagle Scouts, and a former scoutmaster of a troop that produced 59 Eagle Scouts I am well aware of the Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared”. That is a motto that I now encourage all of my fellow American patriots to adopt. My fear is that after the historic victory last November when Republicans gained control of the Congress and the Presidency that we will become complacent and over confident and believe that the Democrats and the leftist progressives have been defeated permanently.
          The fact is that the relentless assault of the progressives in congress, in liberal state legislatures, and in the left wing media will not abate; in fact they will be doubling down on their efforts to destroy our Constitutional Republic. We have to understand that this effort by the left is not something new. It has been going on for decades and ultimately they succeeded in totally taking control of the Democrat party.   
          They also have rigid control of the American education system, particularly in our universities, where efforts to use political correctness to totally shut down free speech for everyone who doesn’t embrace the progressive agenda are continuing to be very effective. Many students do not receive an education they can truly use in the real world, but instead are indoctrinated with hate America political propaganda.
          Our public schools are often taking the same approach, and furthermore the students are being indoctrinated with the liberal entitlement philosophy. They are taught that they don’t have to compete and work hard to be successful; instead they are entitled to a trophy just for showing up. They are also being taught that the free expression of ideas is prohibited if their expression is offensive to any other student or even parent.
          It is the equivalent of the safe rooms being provided to wimpy college students who were are given teddy bears and coloring books so they can deal with the trauma that comes from finding out that elections in a Constitutional Republic don’t always come out the way they want.
          The consequences of all of this are becoming disastrously clear. Less than one percent of America’s young men and women are volunteering to serve in the military despite the fact that our country continues to be at war with an ideology that wants to destroy and enslave us. The old saying that “freedom is not free” is more applicable than ever, but our young people are not being taught that lesson. In many cases they don’t even understand what freedom means, much less how many Americans have sacrificed everything in order to preserve it.
          This is trend that I intend to try and reverse. I am in the process of putting together a plan to do several things. First I want to set up a comprehensive program to educate more of our children about the Constitution, including getting copies of the Constitution into their hands so they can actually read it and understand it. Second, I will be setting up a new nonprofit corporation that will develop strategies to assist attorneys and educators in protecting the Constitutional freedoms of students at every level from elementary school through college.
          This will a difficult undertaking, but is something I believe has to be done. Please feel free to send me your comments and suggestions, and watch this blog for further information.
Michael Connelly, 
Constitutional Lawyer
Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation. (

Monday, January 16, 2017

Schedule of Events For the 2017 Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump

The stages are built, the speakers are installed, and the bunting is hung. Now all that’s left are the many, many people.
Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 2.43.24 PM
The Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump will take place on Friday, January 20th as part of a long celebratory weekend to usher in the start of the new administration. It marks the 58th inauguration ceremony in our nation’s history, and is expected to draw a high volume of supporters and protestors alike.
Here’s the full calendar of the most anticipated day-by-day events.
Wreath-Laying Ceremony
Arlington National Cemetery
Time TBD
The incoming President and VP will lay a wreath in honor of our armed forces.
Welcome Concert Celebration
Lincoln Memorial
The incoming administration touts the event that will, “combine a diverse group of performers and is the official kick-off to the inaugural events.” President-elect Trump is expected to make an appearance.
Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony
West Front of the U.S. Capitol Building
The ceremony kicks off at 9:30 a.m. EST with music and performances by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will perform along with Jackie Evancho and the Radio City Rockettes.
The opening remarks will begin at 11:30 a.m. and will feature New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts will swear in Donald Trump at noon; Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced that she will be in attendance alongside Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, as will members of Congress.
Inaugural Parade
At the conclusion of the Swearing-In ceremony, President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and their families will walk up Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol Building to the White House. Thousands of high school band members, as well as motorcyclists and military members, will also march as part of the historic parade.

Inaugural Ball
Although there are many balls around town, there is only one official Inaugural Ball, which the newly sworn President will attend. This year’s theme is the Big Apple, an open homage to the President’s hometown. It is a black tie event at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

Senator Rand Paul Tweets Picture of Page of “Obamacare Replacement Act”

Senator Rand PaulComing: THE Obamacare replacement bill. Done drafting the bill & will be discussing on Sunday AM and all week next week!On Saturday, the Kentucky Republican and one-time presidential candidate tweeted a picture of the first page of his draft replacement for the Affordable Care Act.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The 730 Scandals That Have Plagued The Obama Administration

As President Obama prepares to wrap up his 8 years in office, he’s taken to saying he’s “extremely proud” to leave office without any scandals besmirching his tenure. His political adviser, Valerie Jarrett, is saying the same.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

No Arizona VOTERS YOU Can't RECALL Senator John McCain

I received a request to lead the recall of Arizona Senator John McCain after consulting with a person on the possibility- I found out it can’t be done. Dear Ole’ John and Flake can continue to ignore the voters of Arizona and do as they damn well please. It seems the ways Arizona has a chance to get them out of office is if they are voted out of office, resign, congress expels them or they die.
Hi, I'm contacting you about Sen John McCain. In 2014 McCain was censured by AZ Republican Party. I was wondering if Sen McCain should be RECALLED for his floating around Classified "FAKE" Intelligence Reports to the FBI, and leaking to MSM about PEOTUS Donald Trump. The fake and highly salacious Intelligence report that has been the subject of media reports on BuzzFeed and CNN were damaging to public and private individuals. Sen McCain should be criminally prosecuted for the leaking of a classified Intelligence report. Would you be willing to lead such action "Recall" against John McCain?

As to removal by recall, the United States Constitution does not provide for nor authorize the recall of United States officers such as Senators, Representatives, or the President or Vice President, and thus no Member of Congress has ever been recalled in the history of the United States. 

John-McCain-Intrigue-Grows-In Donald-Trump-Dossier-Affair
John-McCain-Admits-Leaked-Fake-Trump-Docs; Should He Resign?
McCain Dispatched-Trusted-Aide-Across The Atlantic-To Get Dirty-Dossier-From Ex-Spy After Former British Diplomat Told Him About Blackmail Tapes – London Daily Mail

Friday, January 13, 2017

Repealing Obamacare

The House passed and I voted for the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Resolution, which will enable the repeal of Obamacare through budget reconciliation.

Today's vote marks the most important step to date in the process to once and for all repeal Obamacare and to provide patient-centered health care reform in its place.

Under President Obama’s “signature accomplishment” premiums and deductibles have soared, patient choice has dwindled, and insurance markets have begun to collapse.  Despite promises that people who wanted to keep their insurance plan and doctor could do so, many Americans have lost one or even both.  Beyond Obamacare’s impact on their health care, hardworking Americans who were already struggling to make ends meet got their hours cut at work because their employer couldn’t afford Obamacare’s onerous taxes and penalties.   
Republicans have a better way, and thanks to a special process known as reconciliation – which prevents a minority of the Senate from being able to block legislation through filibuster –we can get Obamacare repeal on President Trump’s desk and focus on reforming our broken health care system.  We can make patient care more affordable, portable, and accessible, while increasing competition and decreasing cost.  I look forward to working with my colleagues in Congress and the new Administration to put individual people and families, not Washington bureaucrats, back in charge of their own health care.

Yours respectfully,

Jeb Hensarling
Member of Congress
(202) 225-3484 - DC
(903) 675-8288 - Athens
(214) 349-9996 - Dallas

Arizona Democrats ready to work on real investments in our schools

Senate and House Democratic Caucuses
Senator Katie Hobbs, LD24, Senate Democratic Leader
Representative Rebecca Rios, LD27, House Democratic Leader

January 13, 2017

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Senate Democratic Leader Katie Hobbs and House Democratic Leader Rebecca Rios released this statement on Gov. Ducey's budget proposal.

"In poll after poll, the people of Arizona have been very clear that more resources are needed in order for Arizona kids to be successful. The governor's State of the State address raised hopes about his level of commitment to education, but the devil is in the details.

"He promised to finally invest in teacher retention and recruitment, but his budget offers teachers a raise of just four-tenths of a percent a year, which doesn't even keep pace with inflation. For new teachers starting at low-income schools, this budget does present opportunities. But for our most loyal teachers who have stuck with our schools through years of budget cuts and no raise, this is hardly a vote of confidence.

"He promised increased funds for universities, but is pulling that money away from cities, towns and highways, while once again offering nothing to community colleges.

"We know we see a return when we invest in kids. The same can't be said for the additional $107 million in state revenue we'll lose to unaccountable corporate tax credits, or the corporate STO credit that grows by 20 percent each year, or letting our roads fall further into disrepair.

"It's easy to cut programs, like TANF and JTEDs, then restore them and claim to be the hero. The same is happening with education. Governor Ducey spent the vast majority of his State of the State speech touting all the good he has done and will do for Arizona's schools. But after almost a decade of neglect, they need more than mile-wide-and-inch-deep platitudes. This is a crisis of the majority's making.
It's long past time to make meaningful and sustainable investment in our education system, one that prioritizes students over special interest tax cuts. We can make these investments by ending irresponsible tax cuts, committing real state dollars to schools and renewing Prop 301 at a full cent.

"Democrats have offered solutions that would make a difference in our schools and our economy. They are solutions that can be easily achieved by working together, which we have always been willing to do. We will continue to prioritize people over politics and advocate for real, long-term changes that ensure a prosperous future. To Governor Ducey and the legislative majority we say, let's get this done.
Our door is open."

Education, Jobs, Health Care and Building a Better Future at the top of the list of Democratic Priorities in 2017


Thursday, January 12, 2017

115th US Congress The Leader's Daily Schedule - 1/13/17

Leader's Daily Schedule
On Friday, the House will meet at 9:00 a.m. for legislative business. First votes expected: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Last votes expected: 2:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.
One Minute Speeches

S.Con.Res. 3 - Setting forth the congressional budget for the United States Government for fiscal year 2017 and setting forth the appropriate budgetary levels for fiscal years 2018 through 2026 (Structured Rule) (Sponsored by Sen. Michael B. Enzi / Budget Committee)

The Rule provides for ninety minutes of general debate controlled by the Budget Committee, thirty minutes of general debate controlled by the Joint Economic Committee, and makes in order the following amendment:

Rep. John Yarmuth Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute (20 minutes of debate)
S. 84 - To provide for an exception to a limitation against appointment of persons as Secretary of Defense within seven years of relief from active duty as a regular commissioned officer of the Armed Forces (Closed Rule, Ninety Minutes of Debate) (Sponsored by Sen. John McCain / Armed Services Committee)

Special Order Speeches